Sunday, 28 December 2014


As the title suggests so too, does my confidence with what 2015 may have on offer. It seems as though it was only yesterday I was writing my 2014 farewell, so long, see ya next year mandatory post... but no, that was a solid (almost) 365 days ago.

So, 2015 here we are. Times have changed, seasons have passed and new adventures are ahead, ready and waiting to be found of. For once I aim to stick to my goals - whether they kill me or not - It'll happen. How? That's yet to be discussed however so long as I stick to my set of style, small-talk and silly ole' (well young) self than I should be a-okay.

Fancy a set of stripes or two (make that five... OKAY 10), some solid denim, throw in a bit of black here and there and you have a very solid 2015 wardrobe. Accessories? Side boob, luscious lingerie, expensive lace, fine chains, dedadant fedoras, boots that could kill and that hot saucy (yes I went there) man by your side. Easier done than said. #sold

2015, let's do this.

Inspired ole' silly-self,


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

SEE YA 2014

Whilst we delve so deeply into food we can't afford to be eating, amounts of wine we can't keep up with and people we ultimately shouldn't be seeing (or doing); we do it because hey, tis' the season to be all sorts of silly. Thank God this year's almost over - strike me down, pick me up, toss me around and call me a sinner if you must. I think that everyone relies on that forever faithful New Year start - fresh white blank page, right? Absolutely.

I don't know about you but I'm assuming like me, that you are incredibly keen to start that New Year off with a bang - passion, dreams, goals, work, wine, fashion, parties, nightlife, food, men, COFFEE, alcohol, travel, security, success ...Life in whole; good and bad,

Dive in deep.

Much happy viben',