Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Happy hump day

Hump day - that part of the week that drives you into the weekend whilst feeding you with the usual coffee, casual wine and the consistent enthusiasm as you plan out in your head (over and over - mind you) the weekend that's in front of you. It's definitely a mood booster to say the least ..."two days... two days... you CAN DO IT!" and as always, you do. And as everything comes to and end, so too does the beautiful weekend ....thank God it comes every seven days (my sanity is on it's knees). Enough of the weekend, it's hump day - for the moment, I'm quite the content young lass' as I sit back in my more than comfortable couch, sipping wine, scrolling through endless amounts of online boutiques as I ponder the perfect winter bootie (oh my, it gets me so worked up for winter. YES - THOSE COATS - OH THE ENDLESS COATS!). For the meantime - enjoy my latest shoot as I challenge the idea of comfort and style - aka. steeeeezzzeeee ...I mean who wouldn't want to steeze up their life - honestly - not really, but still ....You get my jist. Enjoy the rest of the week - you've made it through hump day, now lets make this week our bitch. Catch ya's on the flipside.

Steezy B xx

Wearing All About Eve top, Witchery pants, ROC heels, Nixon watch, Jollie & Deen jewelery and MAC diva lipstick.


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fashion and all things interpretation

So some say that our knowledge of fashion comes directly from the source itself - I say it comes from experiences. Sure, we get inspired from particular trends and trendsetters - but our interpretation of such becomes unveiled through our style. That's the beauty of fashion - the clothes are simply a canvas waiting to be painted on; to become creatively known through a personalized story created between you, the palette and the beautiful subject matter (aka clothes ...which I love - so dearly! Oh man...) #loveaffairofclothes #igetdeep

With all my love, happiness and health
B xx

Wearing Zara mermaid skirt, M.L.M. leopard tee, ROC eyewear 'day' sunnies, Shakuhachi heels, Nixon watch, Jollie & Deen fine jewelery, MAC diva lipstick and believe it or not, Kmart clutch (crazy, I know right!)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lady likes her lace

I like my lace and so should you

As this weekends festivities draw near to an end why not show the world what you've got, and get back in black. This Sunday it's all about the lace; I'm talking sexy and sensual with a lil' bit of sweetness ...unless you're totally capable of the complete and utter sex goddess - in that case, throw sweetness out the door. But hey, for all those ladies out there that are trying to 'do the lace' and do it well, this post is dedicated to you. So it's been a long time running but I finally said I do to one of the most beautiful cami's of them all. See, my biggest problem was finding the balance between raunchy, respectful and just plain Jane wrong... verdict - takers, anyone....? I mean if all else fails, I've thoroughly enjoyed the perks of having no bra. Look out pants off Friday, from now on in, it's all about the #brasoffsunday?

With all my love

Wearing Zara lace cami, vintage high-waist pants, Mimco watch and ROC wedged sandals.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Summer rays and bubble games

Happy Monday!

Mondayitis – everyone’s had it and well if you haven’t, there’s probably something seriously wrong with you. But alas, what better way to cure it then looking mighty damn fine in an array of colours that just scream ‘I’m walking on a high of happiness and feel good vibes’ – that’s where Mink Pink come into play. There’s something about this brand that is just oooozing with good vibes and even better good times. Known for their play on patterns, prints and party sensations the guys at the head office certainly know how to win the wardrobes of pretty much every young lass well, ever – said everyone – always. Recently I had the opportunity to style a shoot with two mega babes from Newcastle Billi and Mel and my goodness, did we have a whole heap of fun. I think the key to having a good day on shooting is energy – get the chocolate out, get the bubbles flowing and let the magic happiness. Honestly though, it works a charm.

Here’s a few of my favourite shots from the day – you can view the full edit live on

Happy Monday night loving, lovers

B xx


Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bold bloody style

Thou shall not take shit - ever - yet again, why should one take shit ever? We shouldn't - end of. 

What a better way to start the year then a lil' life inspo eh? But honestly, this year is the year for boldness. And by boldness I mean bold bloody style - and by style, I mean black and white (of course). Perhaps the lil' shmoozing of tartan, a pop of rustic red and a drip or two of the navy blue. Wow I'm on a a roll. 2014, you're doing me wonders and it's only day four. So I'm heading to the streets of Sydney on Monday morning to buy some seriously shmick 2014 staples. I can hardly wait. Stay tuned for my purchases - leather, lace, neoprene, sheer and all things sexy and sass will be on agenda (cough classy sexy cough cough). 

With lots of laughter and sarcasm 

Friday, 3 January 2014