Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Wardrobe Malfunctions -  I’m sure everyone’s heard about the horror stories but wow, when it happens to you personally it’s a whole new level of COMPLETE AND UTTER EMBARRASSMENT. 

Today was my (un)lucky day… Yes, I had a first world girl problem and no, I did not fix the problem. I’m actually still here, drowning in my uncomfortable state of sorrow. So what actually happened? Well my beloved white bralet failed me. I was only 15 minutes into my glorious Newcastle to Sydney commute when the strap of my bralet decided to tear/break/drop off - whatever - same thing -  thankfully, I did have a sheer (yes sheer – so the bra was still visible) top on over the top. So where did that leave me? Not only did it leave me with an awkward commute the whole way down, but it also left me with an exposed breast… so that’s where my hand came in handy… holding up the top triangle as I quickly shifted from town hall to the closest bra store in Sydney. Yes, I am serious – no I am not crying – perhaps I’m lil’ shook up but eh, at least I can tick that one off the non-intended bucket list. Now it’s time for some serious retail therapy – PRONTO.

With lots of laugh (ha ha get it?)

B xx

Monday, 25 November 2013

Wonderful in white

There's something so beautifully feminine about a mistress in white - clean, untouched and untitled; mysteriously kept yet well grounded in herself. People tend to underestimate the power of white when in fact it's one of the biggest statements out of them all. Eyes will forever be drawn to the lady that dresses herself head to toe in white.Why? Because she's a woman of confidence, clothed with boldness and courage.

There is so much more to it then simply clothing yourself in white. It's tactical and thoughtful, considering each and every item before layered in a way that looks beneficial to the desired look. Consider the shades - not every colour of white looks good and even more importantly, will look amazing on your skin-tone. Most importantly, make good use of texture; mix things up, experiment with the unusual (try white leather - you can't really go wrong).

Be wonderful.

B xx 

Wearing Bardot white leather bralet, Bardot white leather gym pants, Windsor Smith chunky platform shoes, CottonOn mesh throw-over and vintage button up s/s shirt.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Life is beautiful

Oh life, overwhelm me with your grace and elegance. Let me be a woman of value and hope filled with the desires to love and be loved beyond reason. Fulfill me with the dreams to succeed and the drive to go outside each and every bound.  Clothe me with confidence, prepared for every situation life throws at me. As worlds collide, let me stay humble, forever embracing the experiences around me. To be a dreamer, forever in my youth, will be mine – always.

Wearing: Paint it Red matching set, CottonOn boots, Vintage blazer, Nixon watch and Valley Eyewear 'I like Wolves' sunglasses

Much love

B xx

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Independance be mine

Men these days.

They give and take, taking you - then leaving you... Us women, why do we fall so easily for men such as those? Is it the thrill of the chase or simply the desire to have what she says - She, being Juliet, He being Romeo. Oh, what a beautiful tale of love - If only (ha ha not really [wait, yes - really]).

I need to learn that I can fend for myself. Time is precious and when spent wisely it can be so beneficial to all aspects of our life whether that may be personally, career wise, health-savy or just building that love for your life rather than 'our life'. I mean, I totally understand why us women do it - who wouldn't want that beautiful feeling of being able to share everything you have with your 'other half': the person who completes you; whom makes you you and no one else.

The men, they'll tempt you. They'll tell you everything you need. Give you that touch like no other, take you out; feed you joyous meals, speak words that reach feelings you never even thought existed... but those are just times; times that are likely short lived, paused by a hurdle that turn's out to be a hearbreak.

The plaid takeover

Long live the plaid (and first world problems)...

So. First world problem #101 - how to respond (correctly) to a conversation you have no words for (except for that awkward 'haha' [aka. I don't know what to say but I hope this passes the topic] kind of response). Don't get me wrong, most of the time I'm pretty good with my words but lets just get this straight - I’m not THAT good that the world signifies my every sentence. And with no surprise, most situations turn into nightmares waiting to happen - I'll give thanks to my incapable use of words (you go Brooke!). And how does this all happen? Well i guess it all starts with me - listening to all sides of my controversial thoughts, feeling somewhat power worthy of a judge in his high court, deciding my plan of action and the results of such a decision; more often than not, a bad decision that once thought was a good idea (at the time, as it always is, right?). 

So what’s currently on the agenda then? London. My heart tells me yes – My head tells me maybe – and my surroundings tell me a big bold NO – dang it! Why play life safe? I enjoy the un-expecting chaos that spontaneity brings. I’ve come to realize that as of late, my words have become irrelevant – there’s no point passing time talking forever and a day about something you ‘one day’ want to do; the only time we’re guaranteed is now and the only way we’ll create a future is to first, create a now – do things while the doors are open, take chances on love, say yes to opportunities when given and say goodbye to the times of yesterday.

London is calling me and so is plaid. It was love at first sight the moment I stepped into the t b-e-a-utiful city that is, London. I think it’s only fair that I go back and make that place mine, yeah? Oh, and perhaps find a man too? #wishfulthinking but alas, you never know.

Anywho, enough talking, more doing. This outfit was inspired by the glorious days of London. Where fashion is full-front and freedom is almost a staple. Sipping tea, devouring delicious scones whilst dining outside - listening to the sweet sounds of Friday afternoon bliss: captivated, absolutely captivated.

Enjoy your weekend you beautiful specimens.

B x

Wearing Topshop plaid silk top, Topshop plaid pleated shorts, Tony Bianco (to die for) boots, Vintage blazer and belt