Thursday, 27 February 2014


So it's only fair that I share with you lovers what I've been jumping up and down in excitement over for the past few weeks. Recently I've been working very closely in conjunction with the online store  'The Iconic'. If you aren't familiar with them, hurry up and get on this shiz' - it's Australia's biggest and best online retail store catering for each and every customer no matter what kind of budget you find yourself on. I'm forever finding new and upcoming brands that are being stocked online whilst at the same time, re-discovering designers I had totally forgotten about. And let me tell you this, no matter what kind of style your diggin' you will always find that perfect piece just for you - shoes will be the death of me (actually but) know what they say about those killer six inch heels and at the rate I'm going, there ain't nothin' getting in between my love triangle of bank funds > addiction to amazing shoes > toleration of pain brought on by extreme shoes. None the less, #Iloveshoes

Anywho, enough pondering over what I've actually been doing - more filling ya'll in! As most of you are probably aware, The Iconic have joined in collaboration with a tv show called 'Styled to Rock'. Hosted by the amazing Rihanna, the show seeks to discover upcoming, fresh designers that are each week put to the test of what they're capable of in the fields of style, design, professionalism and of course, creativity. With the launch of the show being released last week The Iconic have teamed up with both myself and the official Iconic insider blogger Doone Roisin to become in some regards an online contestant! WOOHOO! Let the styling fun begin ...can I get a hell yeah? Hell yeah. Each week Doone and myself will be competing (in our own right - not actually - but kind of...) with the other contestants as we stay tuned as to what challenge the judges (did I mention PHARELL is one?!?) decide to create. From then, we let our imaginations go wild as we jump online to and create a personal look that incorporates all components that the judges were after. Get it? yes... no.... I think yes - Good.

This week it was all about KYLIE MINOGUE > personally, I think you only need one word to describe her... SHOWGIRL. Kylie was born to be in the limelight. Her style is effortless yet speaks for itself - oozin' with personality and forever bringing to life the journey and life that is, Kylie Minogue. This week on Styled to Rock the designers were challenged to create a futuristic look (the year 3000 - crazy days!) for Kylies' up and coming book release.With this in mind, I endeavored to style a look based on just that.

Enjoy this weeks edit and be sure to stay tuned for my take on next week's challenge. If you aren't already tunin' into this show - please do - it's on every thursday night 9.30pm on channel style. It's sure to inspire you for months to come.

Have one of the best weekends ever - love on others and they'll love on you.

B xx

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Thursday, 20 February 2014


You know when you're having one of those days where all you want to do is rant and rave about how much you're hating the world and everything in it...? Yep, well today is one of those days. I know, I know, I really shouldn't be complaining but you know what they say - sometimes you need time to just let it all-lll(continue the extension in allllllllll) out. All (haha) I have to say is Thank God it's the weekend. The world can be pretty darn nasty sometimes but eh, I take it as a battle and if you know me well enough, I'm one of the most competitive gals' out of the entire lot (lot meaning fashion industry cough cough). People will try to take you down - break you, change you, pursuade you - everything they can until you get to *almost* breaking point. That's when you throw it all back at them - use something they can't take from you ...STYLE BABY. STYLE. If it's one thing I can say confidently it'd most definitely be that babe no matter how hard you try, you can't take my passion, style and forever strucken determination away from me.

So, despite the rubbish days that we all have once in a while we can sleep comfortably at night knowing that our style is not to be messed with. FYI. If I feel like sh*t, more reason to look even better than I did yesterday - my style can speak louder than my unimpressed look of "don't talk to me today"... I'm onto something okay. Style = art = form of expression = no need for words. 

Okay enough ranting more sleeping... zzzzZZzzzzZz.

Much love to you on this [much] needed weekend - here's to money spent on cheap wine which in turn means, more money for shoes *yay*


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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Okay so let's get this straight - whoever the heck designated pajamas's to be home attire only needs to reconsider why on earth they suggested it in the first place. Sure enough there are some pretty darn ugly pj's out there but boy when you find the right pair you can't help but want to instagram the sh*t out of them. I mean please, I paid a whole lot of money for these - the world needs to know. Not really, but still...okay so maybe I am being serious - who knows.

With the world digging lace at the moment it only seems fitting to start flaunting your sexy (or not so sexy) attire and get 110% use out of them. Yes it can seem kind of awkward rockin' around the city in your typical sleeping attire but eh, if you love style and creativity as much as I do, then you should definitely be up for the challenge of just that.

Pajamas meet leather > leather meet pjs > 123, now go make love ...hypothetically speaking of course. Mix things up, make mainstream not so mainstream by changing things that weren't practicall designed to be changed. It's all about the not-so.

Enjoy the edit.

Don't take life too seriously lovers - it's too short to miss out on the fun - even if it means wearing pajama pants in the middle of Sydney - yo bloody lo (hah hah did I really just say that?!)

B xxx

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Zara SS14 lookbook

And as some farewell the warmer weather others are just beginning to see the first blossom for the season. Zara just recently released their latest lookbook for 2014 which was noted with tropical prints, lighter fabrics and of course the well stated black and white. 

The boxy tropical sleeved dress does it for me hands down. Thoughts?

B x

Your one stop cure for those anti-summer vibes

Okay so - first things first -
a. we have less than one month until summer is over (OMG GET OUT - end of the world right ...ha ha jokes)
b. I feel as though I've spent half my summer dreaming of winter ...funny because it's true
c. It's time I (and possibly you too) start embracing the last little sweet joy of that summertime cheer

As melodramatic as it sounds, I kind of feel the need to apologize to all the summertime lovers out there for my [not so] sensational summer cheer.. but then again - I feel as though there's got to be people out there that are making up for my [lack of] summertime lovin'. And with the important words said, I'm finally letting my hair out - taking full advantage of each and every perk that drifts along the Australian coast. With the rays soaking deep within my skin, the breeze in my hair and the sand between my toes (not really - but it's fitting and oooozin' with cliche goodness) I'll unwind this month as I try to saturate myself as much as I can in the good ole' Australian summer. This month, I'm all about the matching sets. The great thing is, just because the set 'looks done' doesn't mean it 'is done' - no matter what it is, I will always find a way to make something my own. And to some degree, that's exactly what style is all about it: crafting a look that is both drenched in what you, the individual stand for (in a fashion sense) whilst simultaneously, leaving room for extended exploration and imagination. 

So ladies, If you're anything like me and find yourself suffering from some anti-summer vibes, then this beautiful set may just be the cure you've been waiting for. Get yo' hand's on these babies before someone else does. 

Wearing Paint It Red matching set, Valleygirl box top, ROC EYEWEAR sunnies, Sportsgirl clutch and Kmart (get out!) heels.

B xx