Friday, 24 October 2014

We all want some

Promiscuous Saturdays dedicated to my ex('s); because one day you'll wish you still had me.

All hail those jeans

As Friday dawned on me so too, did the fact that I had nothing to wear. Sound familiar? Yeah I thought it would. Welcome to my life - and when I say mine - it's probably quite similar to yours... demographically speaking, anyway.

So - what's a young lady to wear when she looks in the wardrobe and see's absolutely nothing but a whole lot of chaotic, unneeded stress.

a, She could throw a tantrum and demand that she will not be attending tonight's dinner due to some complicated, unexpected tragedies occurring at home (aka. wardrobe nightmare - all hell breaks loose).

b. curl up in ball and practically die or,

c. She scavenges through all items of clothing until finally (thank god) she find's her most prized pair of jeans hiding beneath the blur practically screaming 'wear me' as they glorify her wardrobe of chaotic stress. #Relief.

Leg after leg, jump after jump, they're on and ready to roll - or strut - whatever works for you. You look in the mirror, do the typical left to right, back and forth - leg kick if you must. You're feeling good - kept in tight, ass in sight (haha but really) and you wouldn't have it any other way. Oh gentleman?


Arse in tact Brooke

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Three months have passed - I'm back, babe

Well hello to all my long-lost lovers. Long time - no see.

First and foremost, I am back - with more words than ever and a whole lot of catching up to do (on all levels). If there's one lesson I've learnt during my not-so-present period of online writing It'd definitely fall under the question of WHY ON EARTH DID I STOP? Writing is so much more than a bunch of words put together to sound mildly appealing to someone like you and I. 

Writing is my output for communication; somewhat practical yet  always comical - staying true to my writing style (fashion included) whilst maintaining an honest approach to the world that is, Fashion. I'd like to get that balance just right one day *note: emphasis on one day - for the meantime, this will do. Hope you enjoy comeback as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

For the moment, enjoy what's on my mind: hot clothes, good wine, a lil' bit of seduction and that great big smell of success. 

The wilder B,