Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Your one stop cure for those anti-summer vibes

Okay so - first things first -
a. we have less than one month until summer is over (OMG GET OUT - end of the world right ...ha ha jokes)
b. I feel as though I've spent half my summer dreaming of winter ...funny because it's true
c. It's time I (and possibly you too) start embracing the last little sweet joy of that summertime cheer

As melodramatic as it sounds, I kind of feel the need to apologize to all the summertime lovers out there for my [not so] sensational summer cheer.. but then again - I feel as though there's got to be people out there that are making up for my [lack of] summertime lovin'. And with the important words said, I'm finally letting my hair out - taking full advantage of each and every perk that drifts along the Australian coast. With the rays soaking deep within my skin, the breeze in my hair and the sand between my toes (not really - but it's fitting and oooozin' with cliche goodness) I'll unwind this month as I try to saturate myself as much as I can in the good ole' Australian summer. This month, I'm all about the matching sets. The great thing is, just because the set 'looks done' doesn't mean it 'is done' - no matter what it is, I will always find a way to make something my own. And to some degree, that's exactly what style is all about it: crafting a look that is both drenched in what you, the individual stand for (in a fashion sense) whilst simultaneously, leaving room for extended exploration and imagination. 

So ladies, If you're anything like me and find yourself suffering from some anti-summer vibes, then this beautiful set may just be the cure you've been waiting for. Get yo' hand's on these babies before someone else does. 

Wearing Paint It Red matching set, Valleygirl box top, ROC EYEWEAR sunnies, Sportsgirl clutch and Kmart (get out!) heels.

B xx

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  1. WOW! I really LOVE this post! Your style is amazing and I love how you've pieced the whole outfit together! Also what amazing photos, and the location is too cool!
    Thanks for another great post!