Monday, 14 October 2013

Baggy jean bare essentials

Baggy jeans.They're the one essential that every gal should have in their wardrobe: no matter what kind of mood your in, the baggy jeans will always be in the mood for you. I think a lot of the time people simply place them in the "can't be bothered" pile - or perhaps you're using the "too hard to pull off" excuse. Stop! Drop! ...And thrift shop! (hahaha - but seriously!).

You're missing out. I honestly couldn't even count on both hands how many pairs of baggy, high-waist vintage jeans I have. My hope is to do a lil' bit of DIY but hey, let's be honest, I'll probably be 50 by the time that comes around... so here I am, rocking the old school Levi's that were most likely the reason that girl is now the girl. And I mean really, who doesn't want to be that girl? Ooozing with good vibes, an edge that's like no other and a style that speaks for itself.

And that's the great perk about vintage - It's never the same. All garments are authentically made, created and worn; embedded with memories, past and future, ready to be shown off, complimented and flaunted. Next spare moment you have, think about the outfit you have on - what memories do your clothing possess? When you're in vintage, it's not just another one of those manufactured pair of jean's. Your wearing life - you never know who wore it before you and better yet, who could potentially be wearing it in 50 years time.

And with my words spoken, here's to whoever got to cherish these amazing pair of jeans before myself.

Let me know what you think of vintage - yay or nay? Do you have that one vintage piece that you'll never let go of no matter what? Tell me! I'd love to hear your stories.

B x

Wearing: Levi's vintage denim jeans, Topshop cropped chiffon top, Nixon rose gold watch, Topshop white blazer, Sportsgirl clutch bag, Girlsexpress black heels.


  1. I love vintage, I've been dying to get to some stores in Surry Hills!
    Love the outfit xx

  2. Great outfit!! I don't know what I love more here, everything is amazing!!!
    Would you like to follow each other blog and Lookbook? Let me know,
    Hugs :)