Monday, 30 September 2013

commute life

Oh the perks of having a four-hour commute. You know, it’s not all that bad – I actually thoroughly enjoy the time spent by myself and what a perfect opportunity to sit back, take time out to for yourself and be gratified by the blessings around you. Honestly though, say what you want, but it’s during times like these that you really do learn to appreciate the little things in life.

People often ask me how on earth I have the patience to commit to such a hectic lifestyle – my answer is always short and simple – I am driven by my own self-motivation. You see that’s the thing, success gets you no where without passion; but when you find your motivation in life, success becomes inevitable… you begin to interpret success on so many other levels. Right now, I have never felt so grateful for the life I’m living - I am in a state of mind where I  have become so driven by opportunities that I am so more than happy to be fueled by hard work, long hours and a whole lot of DIY dirty work. How? because I know what it feels like to achieve and better yet, to accomplish.

I've realized that in life, nothing gets dished up to you - you work hard for what you get, and when you’re done, you feel content - fueled to go higher, harder and better.  …That’s exactly how I feel. I am being refueled by the inner workings of achievement. I’ve become so grateful for  past experiences that have moulded me to who I have become and where I am headed. Success has become so much more than just your typical job promotion or pay bonus, it’s become something so fine and irreplaceable that I hope never fades within. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Queen of Hearts

And from that day on, she was known as the Queen of Hearts.

So I know as of fact that us girls and guys LOVE to shop in times of stress and hey, let's be honest, I'm probably retails number one victim when it comes to impulse buying. But that's totally a-okay... nothing wrong with buying something you didn't really need - but in most cases, I sure damn WANT it.

This kind of behavior has been becoming quite a daily activity (should I go see a counsellor?!) and I have scored myself so many pieces that was simply love at first sight to say the least. Yesterday while working in the fashion department at Dolly I came across this amazing white neoprene skirt from Zara. Deep down, I secretly wanted to walk out of the wardobe wearing it but no, I would feel terribly guilty for the rest of my days. So instead, I went on a 10 minute detour to the Zara mega store. Long behold, it was there at the doors practically jumping off the rack, ready to bounce into my hands and onto my hips.

It was love.
And today, it had it's first wear. It was perfect.

Day made worthy for sure.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend as much as I am. Go dress good and flaunt your style like no tomorrow: do your newest items (impulse or not) a favor and start rocking them. I can guarantee you'll be thanking me afterwards ...unless it was that ugly $10 shirt that you kind of just felt bad for.. In that case, lesson learnt I hope. 

Either way, enjoy the below and excuse the bad quality of images...

Wearing: Wildfox heart tee, Zara white (amazing) skirt, Cottonon leopard heels, Vintage levi's denim jacket, Mimco watch and Sunnies I picked up overseas.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Summer lovin'

Sunny, summer days call for pretty, purple prints.

Oh summer, how I have missed thee so. This week has brought back so many carefree memories of last years summer season... the long walks on the beach (with that not so perfect man), the continuous smell of salt through your hair, sand in between your toes and the beautiful moments captured as the sun sets late into the night, as you take that last sip of cider you've been craving all day and night, and in that moment, you are relieved, relaxed, renewed; replenished, ready to take on a new day of summertime madness. 

Yes, I miss that. Yes, I can't wait to welcome summer back into my life.

Yesterday, was the first time in a very long while that I could feel summer knocking on my doorstep. As you would, I welcomed it with arms wide open. I dressed for the day, relaxed and feeling more refreshed than ever; reflecting on opportunities... in awe of the power of now... I feel on top of the world. There's no doubt in my mind that this was obviously portrayed in my outfit - wearing colours, prints and textures that all scream summer, I was set up for a day of care-free summertime lovin' ...not that I have a lover, but I sure am a lover of life. 

Wearing: River Island daisy jumpsuit, Billabong crocheted kimono and Windsor Smith platform sandals.

Happy summertime lovin' 


Tuesday, 24 September 2013


So this is what I like to call Street-wear Steeze.

Right now, you may be asking yourself what on earth the term steeze actually is - but hey, let me tell you - it's all in the style (don't worry, not long ago I was asking the exact same question). It's a popular quirky term introduced by the young and reckless society published on Urban Dictionary... 

        Steeze: 'The combination of style and ease'  ie. "Damn girl, you got some steeze".

I love street style x sports wear. Its comfy and casual yet has the potential to be the most on-edge outfit, overflowing with tremendous amounts of steeze (yeah, I did just go there). The versatility of this trend is somewhat incredible and I can't stress enough the power to go nuts with this! Play with it, mix things up - Its street style, you can do whatever you like and in most cases, you'll pull it off (unless your having a FASHION101 breakdown!).

It's a trend that hasn't been amongst us in quite a while, therefore it's the opportunity for you to 1. make it your own and 2. set a trend within the trend. It can become luxurious and powerful, paired with the perfect pair of ankle hugging heels or, quite opposite, it can turn you into a street-style-B-Ball-playing-Goddess when complimented with those favourite pair of high-top sneakers that's been hiding in your cupboard, just waiting, screaming even, "WEAR ME". Take it from me, grab those bad boys out, and start making the most of this while it's still around. 

Right now, grab your wallet, head out shopping and grab yourself a jersey, or better yet, you may even have that Jersey that's been hiding in your cupboard, just waiting for that perfect opportunity, well, grab it out, put it on, and start walking with steeeeeze.

Don't wait for the steeze, let the steeze find you (humour intended - but honestly, just go for it!).

Wearing: Stussy B-ball jersey, Bardot white leather shorts, Windsor Smith platform shoes, Sportsgirl vintage denim jacket, Mimco watch, Chi Chi red matte lipstick. 

NOTE* Obviously I'm in a very humorous mood today - Hope you found my post somewhat comical. 



It's nice to be alive

Lately I’ve come to realize how much emphasis is put on Fashion. (omg, no way?!)

Working regularly in the field, I’m continually bombarded with the terms fashion, trend, style, fashion (again) and well, more (again) fashion. Sometimes, it can seem far too blasé for my likings. I don’t work in fashion for the title – I work in fashion because I love it – I couldn’t see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life.

I believe there is so much more to the eye than people see style as. Style has great depth and the more I study the concept of style, the more I begin to understand the people I’m surrounded by. They all have a story, and believe it or not, what you’re wearing right now likely has something to do with your thoughts and feelings, as you continually try to render yourself into becoming “that” person, whomever that may be.

Realistically, you don’t need to be that person to be fashionable. Be yourself, honestly, the amount of times I’ve tried to become that person is countless. Trust me, if there’s anything I’ve learnt from my [wise] teachers, it’d have to be “be yourself at all costs” because in reality, take a glance around you and you’ll soon see that there’s already thousands of people just like you, trying to be that girl. Stand out – clothe yourselves in beautiful gear that screams you and not that girl next to you. Of course, go crazy with the trends, but make the trends compliment you and not the other way around. 

Today I chose to live in happiness and boy, did I make my mood clear. But hey, nothing wrong with a bit self-expression, right?

Hope you all enjoyed the sunshine as much as I did. 

Wearing: Vintage denim skirt, Windsor Smith sandals, Topshop stripey socks, Wildfox tee, Mimco watch and Sportsgirl white clutch. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

On Wednesdays we wear white

Wednesday I'm in love, I'm all shook up.

On Wednesdays, we wear white. We clothe ourselves with confidence; enlightened by the influences of city lights and the sounds of sweet inner-city living. There's something about a Woman in White that intrigues the human eye to look twice, step back and embrace the captivating presence that goes beforth them. I love wearing white. No matter what mood strikes me, If I'm wearing white, I'm made new. You see, that's another amazing facet of style. Style has so many levels of influence both on yourself personally and the greater world. It has the power to create and contour your ability to think, feel, react and respond to the life you disclose your own. And that is why I love white. I long to feel forever renewed, with my shield I go forth, taking the city under my wing and seizing every open opportunity my big heart desires. I am a clean, white blank page. Now let's start writing...

My outfit of the day:
Cottonon black fedora hat - Sportsgirl dark red lipstick - Topshop white blazer - Minkpink white crop top - Bardot white leather sport pants - White peep-toe mirrored heels - Karen Walker Super Duper sunglasses - Nixon rose gold watch

all photos are my own  -

Monday, 16 September 2013

Flaunt your faults and make it work: today's outfit of the day

It's cold, I'm cold and you're probably cold too. The rain drizzles on and and off, my hair goes from straight to curly and my white socks suddenly aren't oh so clean. So what do you do? Own it. Nail it. Flaunt your faults and make it work. Don't fight the wind, go with it. 

I'm wearing: Windsor smith shoes, topshop socks, factorie overalls, some days lovin' jacket, nixon watch, sabre sunglasses and a vintage oversized tee. 

Dig it. 


There's something about Windsor Smith shoes -

That make me feel incredibly powerful. Now collaborate them with the 'How Two Live' duo and you have the perfect mix for overcoming any kind of mondayitis/friday blues ...whatever you folk like to call it. The two Melbourne based gals are known for their creative flare when it come's to fashion and style - they love to mix things up and boy, do they know how to take things to the next level. These shoes encapsulate everything that the girl's live by - fringing, sparkles, colour, shine, metalics and of course, the much loved chunk. So, when can we all get our hands on these amazing shoes? TODAY! The girls personally announced the launch of their shoes and will be available online through the Windsor Smith store and soon to be up on Sole Struck.


Let me know your thoughts - Too far? Or not far enough? For me personally, they had me at hello: I have no doubt in my mind that they'll be the perfect necessity to my much anticipated white approach to summer 2013. I'll be sure to upload some pics of my take on these shoes when they arrive. (I think the silver holographic sandals do it for me).  But for the meantime, enjoy the below beauties. Don't forget to hashtag your pics via instagram too! #htlxwindsorsmith

photos via howtwolive

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The white holy grail

there's something about white -

that makes me feel revitalized
fresh / clean / tailored

photo credit: see want shop, pinterest, the trend setter, they all hate us, rush mag