Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Three months have passed - I'm back, babe

Well hello to all my long-lost lovers. Long time - no see.

First and foremost, I am back - with more words than ever and a whole lot of catching up to do (on all levels). If there's one lesson I've learnt during my not-so-present period of online writing It'd definitely fall under the question of WHY ON EARTH DID I STOP? Writing is so much more than a bunch of words put together to sound mildly appealing to someone like you and I. 

Writing is my output for communication; somewhat practical yet  always comical - staying true to my writing style (fashion included) whilst maintaining an honest approach to the world that is, Fashion. I'd like to get that balance just right one day *note: emphasis on one day - for the meantime, this will do. Hope you enjoy comeback as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

For the moment, enjoy what's on my mind: hot clothes, good wine, a lil' bit of seduction and that great big smell of success. 

The wilder B,






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