Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Okay so let's get this straight - whoever the heck designated pajamas's to be home attire only needs to reconsider why on earth they suggested it in the first place. Sure enough there are some pretty darn ugly pj's out there but boy when you find the right pair you can't help but want to instagram the sh*t out of them. I mean please, I paid a whole lot of money for these - the world needs to know. Not really, but still...okay so maybe I am being serious - who knows.

With the world digging lace at the moment it only seems fitting to start flaunting your sexy (or not so sexy) attire and get 110% use out of them. Yes it can seem kind of awkward rockin' around the city in your typical sleeping attire but eh, if you love style and creativity as much as I do, then you should definitely be up for the challenge of just that.

Pajamas meet leather > leather meet pjs > 123, now go make love ...hypothetically speaking of course. Mix things up, make mainstream not so mainstream by changing things that weren't practicall designed to be changed. It's all about the not-so.

Enjoy the edit.

Don't take life too seriously lovers - it's too short to miss out on the fun - even if it means wearing pajama pants in the middle of Sydney - yo bloody lo (hah hah did I really just say that?!)

B xxx

Wearing Sportsgirl blouse, Bardot corset, Valleygirl pj shorts, Valley Eyewear sunnies, Shakuhachi boots and Nixon watch.  


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  1. I love your take on this! One of my biggest fashion inspirations! You absolutely OWN those pj shorts xx