Thursday, 20 February 2014


You know when you're having one of those days where all you want to do is rant and rave about how much you're hating the world and everything in it...? Yep, well today is one of those days. I know, I know, I really shouldn't be complaining but you know what they say - sometimes you need time to just let it all-lll(continue the extension in allllllllll) out. All (haha) I have to say is Thank God it's the weekend. The world can be pretty darn nasty sometimes but eh, I take it as a battle and if you know me well enough, I'm one of the most competitive gals' out of the entire lot (lot meaning fashion industry cough cough). People will try to take you down - break you, change you, pursuade you - everything they can until you get to *almost* breaking point. That's when you throw it all back at them - use something they can't take from you ...STYLE BABY. STYLE. If it's one thing I can say confidently it'd most definitely be that babe no matter how hard you try, you can't take my passion, style and forever strucken determination away from me.

So, despite the rubbish days that we all have once in a while we can sleep comfortably at night knowing that our style is not to be messed with. FYI. If I feel like sh*t, more reason to look even better than I did yesterday - my style can speak louder than my unimpressed look of "don't talk to me today"... I'm onto something okay. Style = art = form of expression = no need for words. 

Okay enough ranting more sleeping... zzzzZZzzzzZz.

Much love to you on this [much] needed weekend - here's to money spent on cheap wine which in turn means, more money for shoes *yay*


Wearing MLM the label scuba dress (YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE - HONESTLY), Sportsgirl denim, Windsor Smith shoes.


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