Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cozy in my cocoon

So as this cold weather commences so too, does my next step into the ever so young life of me, myself and I... and what better way to begin than with a fresh cut and colour. Hello Winter, I am ready for you. So the past two weeks I have been somewhat insane - perhaps not as crazy as the editors of Vogue but still - my poor feet had no idea what they were in for... the rest of my body just went along for the joyride. What exactly have I been up to? Well a. There was fashion week and b.There was more fashion week. c. Okay perhaps I partied a lil' too hard as well... but hey, I can justify that, right? Stay tuned for my lowdown on MBFWA 2014

For the meantime, sit back, enjoy and perhaps even envy my luscious over-sized boyfriend cocoon like coat (which I am soooo taking to NY - 5 days booyah!) alongside my over dramatic take on double denim ...hello flared pants. Yes, I am so into the flares and so should you.

Ps. I have totally missed writing to and for you lovers ...I AM SORRY! It won't happen again.

Wearing Staple the Label Coat (stay tuned for store stockists), Sportsgirl vintage denim shirt and jeans, MISSGUIDED platform shoes 

B xx

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