Monday, 23 June 2014

BACK IN TARTAN (not black: groundbreaking)

Current status: Freezing (and impatient).

So here's the current sitch - It's almost halfway through June and I'm finding it hard to even begin to suggest that we've experienced a heavily drenched winter, yet but long behold I'm sitting here, freezing my absolute arse off. Ugh, God help me.

Well after an absolute shredding, my wardrobe has been somewhat tidied out replacing the old with the new, leaving my poor hangers crying out for comfort - in need for some fresh companionships ....aka.  I am in desperate need of new winter essentials. Which is what exactly? Well uh, where do I begin? Joking. I'm too fussy for my own good.

THE LIST. Warning to all: I'm incredibly picky and it should be highly noted that I won't even find even half of my imagined wish list before the end of Winter.... It's bad - I know (surely there's some kind of help out there for my beyond ridiculous perdantic mannerisms?!?!)

1. THE PERFECT GREY CASHMERE KNIT - a slick neck line please - none of this over the shoulder/stretched out business (In summer, yeah sure. But please. The last thing on my mind is exposed cold shoulders and the pastey lookin' collarbone display).

2. THE WELL-TAILORED TRENCH - because who wouldn't want to look like the million-dollar 'I know what I'm doing' kind of lady.

3. PINSTRIPE FLARED HIGH-WAISTED SILK NAVY PANTS - Not too much to ask right? Perhaps I should just get out the sewing machine and start it myself... I'm bound to have more luck.

4. RAYBAN CLUBMASTERS - Okay this is an easy one. Someone go grab them for me? I'll meet you at the coffee shop.... In the warmth. K thanks.

5. THE MOST AMAZING PAIR OF HEELS - So long as they're perfect they'll do me well - I don't really know what I want but you know the drill - when you see something you love, you know you've gotta' have it (make that two).

And well there you have it - Reading back through the lust list really doesn't do me justice. I mean sure, some of you could grab that in a day... But me... That'll take me weeks. Months even. Again, I think I need help.

Ps. If any of ya'll think you know "the one" then please - inform me of your knowledge.... Take me to your shopping destinations.

Over and out.

Enjoy my lil' tartan edit - because eh, who gives a rats about what other people think. It's time we worried less about others and focussed more on what makes us as individuals happy - that's all we can be and until you find contentness with yourself, you'll never be able to please others. Let's be honest - I still can't seem to please others but hey, be strong in yourself and you'll pass every endevour life throws at ya'.

With all my love. B xxxx

Wearing Topshop shorts and top, vintage overthrow, Tony Bianco boots and ASOS sunnies.


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