Monday, 25 November 2013

Wonderful in white

There's something so beautifully feminine about a mistress in white - clean, untouched and untitled; mysteriously kept yet well grounded in herself. People tend to underestimate the power of white when in fact it's one of the biggest statements out of them all. Eyes will forever be drawn to the lady that dresses herself head to toe in white.Why? Because she's a woman of confidence, clothed with boldness and courage.

There is so much more to it then simply clothing yourself in white. It's tactical and thoughtful, considering each and every item before layered in a way that looks beneficial to the desired look. Consider the shades - not every colour of white looks good and even more importantly, will look amazing on your skin-tone. Most importantly, make good use of texture; mix things up, experiment with the unusual (try white leather - you can't really go wrong).

Be wonderful.

B xx 

Wearing Bardot white leather bralet, Bardot white leather gym pants, Windsor Smith chunky platform shoes, CottonOn mesh throw-over and vintage button up s/s shirt.

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