Thursday, 7 November 2013

Independance be mine

Men these days.

They give and take, taking you - then leaving you... Us women, why do we fall so easily for men such as those? Is it the thrill of the chase or simply the desire to have what she says - She, being Juliet, He being Romeo. Oh, what a beautiful tale of love - If only (ha ha not really [wait, yes - really]).

I need to learn that I can fend for myself. Time is precious and when spent wisely it can be so beneficial to all aspects of our life whether that may be personally, career wise, health-savy or just building that love for your life rather than 'our life'. I mean, I totally understand why us women do it - who wouldn't want that beautiful feeling of being able to share everything you have with your 'other half': the person who completes you; whom makes you you and no one else.

The men, they'll tempt you. They'll tell you everything you need. Give you that touch like no other, take you out; feed you joyous meals, speak words that reach feelings you never even thought existed... but those are just times; times that are likely short lived, paused by a hurdle that turn's out to be a hearbreak.

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