Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Wardrobe Malfunctions -  I’m sure everyone’s heard about the horror stories but wow, when it happens to you personally it’s a whole new level of COMPLETE AND UTTER EMBARRASSMENT. 

Today was my (un)lucky day… Yes, I had a first world girl problem and no, I did not fix the problem. I’m actually still here, drowning in my uncomfortable state of sorrow. So what actually happened? Well my beloved white bralet failed me. I was only 15 minutes into my glorious Newcastle to Sydney commute when the strap of my bralet decided to tear/break/drop off - whatever - same thing -  thankfully, I did have a sheer (yes sheer – so the bra was still visible) top on over the top. So where did that leave me? Not only did it leave me with an awkward commute the whole way down, but it also left me with an exposed breast… so that’s where my hand came in handy… holding up the top triangle as I quickly shifted from town hall to the closest bra store in Sydney. Yes, I am serious – no I am not crying – perhaps I’m lil’ shook up but eh, at least I can tick that one off the non-intended bucket list. Now it’s time for some serious retail therapy – PRONTO.

With lots of laugh (ha ha get it?)

B xx

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