Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Happy hump day

Hump day - that part of the week that drives you into the weekend whilst feeding you with the usual coffee, casual wine and the consistent enthusiasm as you plan out in your head (over and over - mind you) the weekend that's in front of you. It's definitely a mood booster to say the least ..."two days... two days... you CAN DO IT!" and as always, you do. And as everything comes to and end, so too does the beautiful weekend ....thank God it comes every seven days (my sanity is on it's knees). Enough of the weekend, it's hump day - for the moment, I'm quite the content young lass' as I sit back in my more than comfortable couch, sipping wine, scrolling through endless amounts of online boutiques as I ponder the perfect winter bootie (oh my, it gets me so worked up for winter. YES - THOSE COATS - OH THE ENDLESS COATS!). For the meantime - enjoy my latest shoot as I challenge the idea of comfort and style - aka. steeeeezzzeeee ...I mean who wouldn't want to steeze up their life - honestly - not really, but still ....You get my jist. Enjoy the rest of the week - you've made it through hump day, now lets make this week our bitch. Catch ya's on the flipside.

Steezy B xx

Wearing All About Eve top, Witchery pants, ROC heels, Nixon watch, Jollie & Deen jewelery and MAC diva lipstick.



  1. Hump day always does seem to lighten the week xx

  2. Seriously I've just come across your blog and love the way you write, like you say something and then contradict it, its so funny to read! Loving all your fabulous outfits which I must stock up on. I'm really excited that I found your blog coz I've been searching for inspiration and young sydney bloggers just like myself. I can't wait for more of your posts. I'm also a young Sydney blogger who has just launched my blog that I've had for a year now. If your interested have a look and a follow. I am so excited to be sharing my interests of fashion, photography, food and travel, so take a look. Thank you :) xxx Nikki