Saturday, 28 September 2013

Queen of Hearts

And from that day on, she was known as the Queen of Hearts.

So I know as of fact that us girls and guys LOVE to shop in times of stress and hey, let's be honest, I'm probably retails number one victim when it comes to impulse buying. But that's totally a-okay... nothing wrong with buying something you didn't really need - but in most cases, I sure damn WANT it.

This kind of behavior has been becoming quite a daily activity (should I go see a counsellor?!) and I have scored myself so many pieces that was simply love at first sight to say the least. Yesterday while working in the fashion department at Dolly I came across this amazing white neoprene skirt from Zara. Deep down, I secretly wanted to walk out of the wardobe wearing it but no, I would feel terribly guilty for the rest of my days. So instead, I went on a 10 minute detour to the Zara mega store. Long behold, it was there at the doors practically jumping off the rack, ready to bounce into my hands and onto my hips.

It was love.
And today, it had it's first wear. It was perfect.

Day made worthy for sure.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend as much as I am. Go dress good and flaunt your style like no tomorrow: do your newest items (impulse or not) a favor and start rocking them. I can guarantee you'll be thanking me afterwards ...unless it was that ugly $10 shirt that you kind of just felt bad for.. In that case, lesson learnt I hope. 

Either way, enjoy the below and excuse the bad quality of images...

Wearing: Wildfox heart tee, Zara white (amazing) skirt, Cottonon leopard heels, Vintage levi's denim jacket, Mimco watch and Sunnies I picked up overseas.


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