Tuesday, 24 September 2013


So this is what I like to call Street-wear Steeze.

Right now, you may be asking yourself what on earth the term steeze actually is - but hey, let me tell you - it's all in the style (don't worry, not long ago I was asking the exact same question). It's a popular quirky term introduced by the young and reckless society published on Urban Dictionary... 

        Steeze: 'The combination of style and ease'  ie. "Damn girl, you got some steeze".

I love street style x sports wear. Its comfy and casual yet has the potential to be the most on-edge outfit, overflowing with tremendous amounts of steeze (yeah, I did just go there). The versatility of this trend is somewhat incredible and I can't stress enough the power to go nuts with this! Play with it, mix things up - Its street style, you can do whatever you like and in most cases, you'll pull it off (unless your having a FASHION101 breakdown!).

It's a trend that hasn't been amongst us in quite a while, therefore it's the opportunity for you to 1. make it your own and 2. set a trend within the trend. It can become luxurious and powerful, paired with the perfect pair of ankle hugging heels or, quite opposite, it can turn you into a street-style-B-Ball-playing-Goddess when complimented with those favourite pair of high-top sneakers that's been hiding in your cupboard, just waiting, screaming even, "WEAR ME". Take it from me, grab those bad boys out, and start making the most of this while it's still around. 

Right now, grab your wallet, head out shopping and grab yourself a jersey, or better yet, you may even have that Jersey that's been hiding in your cupboard, just waiting for that perfect opportunity, well, grab it out, put it on, and start walking with steeeeeze.

Don't wait for the steeze, let the steeze find you (humour intended - but honestly, just go for it!).

Wearing: Stussy B-ball jersey, Bardot white leather shorts, Windsor Smith platform shoes, Sportsgirl vintage denim jacket, Mimco watch, Chi Chi red matte lipstick. 

NOTE* Obviously I'm in a very humorous mood today - Hope you found my post somewhat comical. 



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