Monday, 30 September 2013

commute life

Oh the perks of having a four-hour commute. You know, it’s not all that bad – I actually thoroughly enjoy the time spent by myself and what a perfect opportunity to sit back, take time out to for yourself and be gratified by the blessings around you. Honestly though, say what you want, but it’s during times like these that you really do learn to appreciate the little things in life.

People often ask me how on earth I have the patience to commit to such a hectic lifestyle – my answer is always short and simple – I am driven by my own self-motivation. You see that’s the thing, success gets you no where without passion; but when you find your motivation in life, success becomes inevitable… you begin to interpret success on so many other levels. Right now, I have never felt so grateful for the life I’m living - I am in a state of mind where I  have become so driven by opportunities that I am so more than happy to be fueled by hard work, long hours and a whole lot of DIY dirty work. How? because I know what it feels like to achieve and better yet, to accomplish.

I've realized that in life, nothing gets dished up to you - you work hard for what you get, and when you’re done, you feel content - fueled to go higher, harder and better.  …That’s exactly how I feel. I am being refueled by the inner workings of achievement. I’ve become so grateful for  past experiences that have moulded me to who I have become and where I am headed. Success has become so much more than just your typical job promotion or pay bonus, it’s become something so fine and irreplaceable that I hope never fades within. 

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