Monday, 7 October 2013

Cameo The Label, I'm in love

You know those kind of people that complain about people such as myself spending a heck of a lot of money on clothes? Well, they've obviously either A. never come across Cameo The Label or B. had the same sort of emotional experience when wearing such pieces like the Embers bomber jacket.

As stupid as it sounds, I actually really feel for this jacket... it makes me happy - sooo incredibly happy. Pieces such as these need no words - the jacket speaks for itself. Sure enough, you can rock it however you like but the key to working amazing garments is to dress with a level of simplicity. There's well and truly enough texture, print and colour happening so let it be, and make your boldest garment the eye-catching, look twice, "oh my god, I want that" feature.

This beauty had my name written all over it and I know it'll become a total staple in my SS14 wardrobe. Have you got your staple pieces yet? Let me give you a heads up, stop trying to justify why you shouldn't spend so much money on something you absolutely love! Bite the bullet and just buy it - If you don't, you'll end up with something not-so-amazing and if you're like me, you'll probably wear it once or twice and spend the rest of summer hitting yourself about why you didn't purchase it in the first place ...I'm still yet to give-up on a pair of pants I didn't purchase last season (I will find them, I will, I will!!)  DON'T DO IT TO YOURSELF! Your bank account will eventually be losing funds either way, so you miser-oh-well get the dirty work done fast.

Hope you've all enjoyed the long weekend as much as I have. Sit back, enjoy, and perhaps go make use of the funds while they're still in your account... AKA. Buy that dream Jacket, or whatever your heart may desire. 

B x

Wearing: Cameo The Label The embers jacket, Bardot white leather shorts, Windsor Smith platform shoes and Evil Twin Crop velvet cami, Sportsgirl red lipstick. 

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