Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's Monday, I'm in Love.

It's a Monday afternoon, the sun was shining and for the first time in a very long while I felt so incredibly carefree. No worries - no worries in the world - not an ounce of my feelings contained such downers that could potentially upset a mere perfect day. 

As I usually do, I dressed exactly how I felt - spontaneous, vibrant, full of life and oh so carefree. So with good moods, came even better [good] clothing. Scrambling through my closet I long behold the perfect find - The amazing gear from Paint It Red - It seemed relevant, I mean, I did feel like painting the town with my vibes why not make it red? Now if you know me well enough (don't worry if you don't, I'm sure you're learning quite quickly what I'm like!) you'd know I love to be bold - I've learnt to step away from the usual and step into the [un]usual so today was my perfect day to do just that. 

Lately I've become a huge fan of all things sheer. What's not to love? Honestly. It feels great, looks amazing and better yet, ticks all the right boxes when it comes to comfort and ease. It can be so easily dressed up (or down, whatever floats your boat) with that one piece... whether it be those amazing white leather pants or perhaps it's that beyond incredible vintage piece you picked up on your way through a small rural town ...SHEER WORKS. Layer it, double it, single it - do whatever you like to it. 

When it comes to experimenting with different textures and prints, Paint It Red have it nailed. I can't get enough of my shorties - they scream fun and hey, that's what I'm all about. The bomber jacket is light, playful and really wearable (easy to dress down or up). The top just speaks for itself... Has sheer written all over it - WINNING! 

So ladies and gents, go be carefree -even if it's just for tonight. Enjoy someones company, even if it is your own - ain't nothin' wrong with a lil' R&R all for yourself, right?

B x 

Wearing Paint It Red Sheer zipped top, Paint It Red Shorts, Paint it Red sheer mesh bombers jacket, Topshop socks, Windsor Smith shoes.

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