Thursday, 3 October 2013


Freedom of speech.

Fuel me with the freedom to live a life worth living.

Let the world be my oyster, forever captivated by the sweet sense of success. Let me not be feared by what's ahead, rather let me be confident, clothed with courage and self-driven determination.

Here's my drift, don't listen to people that try to break you down. Instead, let it be the fuel behind the drive to your own success. Prove them otherwise - I think half the time people forget that we have freedom of speech. I mean seriously, don't look so worried. You are so free. The only boundaries in life are the ones we title our own.

You know, I'm a bit strange sometimes - often when I'm catching the train during peak hour I'll usually blank out, fall into my own world, sometimes to the extent of a completely different planet (where I have an unlimited amount of funds perhaps? no, but seriously!). I take the time to reflect amongst the chaos that surrounds me - getting pushed and shoved - everyone is so busy, trapped even, trying to get some place else. Meanwhile here I am, so lost in the moment of now. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else - I long to embrace the surroundings forever my b-e-a-utttifullllll shoes may take me because truth is if we're forever trying to be somewhere else, we're missing out on what life's trying to bring us now.

I'll be myself, I'll choose to live with freedom of speech and I'll take those opportunities with open hands.  Like they all say, ....The world is our oyster, right? Embrace it.

Wearing: Roxy fedora hat, Tigerlily amazing flared harem pants, Sportsgirl brown heeled ankle boots and a Vintage Flared long sleeve sheer top.


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