Wednesday, 30 October 2013

To fall in love with life

And with those five words, I chose to begin the transformation from doing life to loving life.

Too many times I complain about the little things when really, it’s the little things that so personally bind and mould you to who you are and who you’re becoming. Sure enough I want to be remembered as someone who believed in the power of determination, however when it comes to the enjoyment of life – that is where my heart will lay. I chase after the moments that make me happy; that make me fall in love with the life I choose to live. We all have a say in life – free will came long before our time so there’s no excuse to go about being bound because eh, a lot of the time you’ll find the major boundary getting between life and love is you. Happiness can be found in all aspects of life no matter what you’re going through. Lately I’ll find myself smiling over such spontaneous activities but I honestly can’t help it. Perhaps it’s the circumstances but irrespective of everything, I am falling more and more in love with my life every single day.

Grateful. Incredibly darn grateful. 

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