Monday, 2 December 2013

Mad Monday Minimalism

Ever heard of the saying ‘sometimes less is more’? Well, I couldn’t of said it better myself. Yes, our clothes were made to do the talking, but how much talking is too much talking? In other words, don’t smother yourself in accessories (I’ll say makeup included too)… you’ll just end up looking like a overloaded mess. It’s summer time – the season to be care free, bare essentials, ‘free as a bird’ kind of vibes… you know the drill. Play with the trends; mix denim with sheer, sheer with textures, textures with monochrome but hey, let’s just go easy on it. 

Personally, I thoroughly love dressing as minimal as possible. It takes at least 20 minutes less (yes, more sleep in time for me!) time to get ready in the morning, I look fresher than normal AND it means I’m getting more wear out of my older pieces from my b-e-a-utiful collection of clothes that have been waiting half their lifetime to get their second wear. Minimal doesn’t necessarily mean plain old jane; sure enough, it’s quite simplicstic but hey, if done well, it makes you look effortlessly beautiful. So how should you approach the trend? Like I’ve said – think simple. Play around with textures, in terms of colour – try and stay as close to monochrome as possible; let the texture do the talking – the whole purpose of minimalism is to tell a story through minimal expression (less is more, yeah?) so in retrospect, you could say we’re not commonly expressing the desired style through the usual aspect rather instead, using the unexposed detailing to go further than traditional methods of expression (ie. TEXTURE AND MORE TEXTURE). 

Now I hope this hasn’t overwhelmed ya’ll with an outstanding amount of confusion… I promise I wasn’t trying to sound like a style natzi/sociologist considering the elements of life. Rather, I was trying to bring to life more understanding about the term minimalism and why it’s becoming such a popular trend in the season of today. Try it out, see how you go and tell me what yo’ think.

PS. This is totally irrelant to the above post but OH em GEEEEE!! I just bought myself a Canon 6D camera and I so excited to start using it for up and coming blog posts and shoots – So stay tuned.

Wearing Sportsgirl white blouse, Staple the Label crop, Sportsgirl leather look zip vest, Victoria Secret flare fitted pants, Sportsgirl paneled velcro sandals, Sportsgirl clutch and Valley Eyewear sunglasses.

Over and out lovers 

B xx 

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