Sunday, 26 January 2014

Fashion and all things interpretation

So some say that our knowledge of fashion comes directly from the source itself - I say it comes from experiences. Sure, we get inspired from particular trends and trendsetters - but our interpretation of such becomes unveiled through our style. That's the beauty of fashion - the clothes are simply a canvas waiting to be painted on; to become creatively known through a personalized story created between you, the palette and the beautiful subject matter (aka clothes ...which I love - so dearly! Oh man...) #loveaffairofclothes #igetdeep

With all my love, happiness and health
B xx

Wearing Zara mermaid skirt, M.L.M. leopard tee, ROC eyewear 'day' sunnies, Shakuhachi heels, Nixon watch, Jollie & Deen fine jewelery, MAC diva lipstick and believe it or not, Kmart clutch (crazy, I know right!)

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  1. Just discovered your blog! Loving it!