Saturday, 11 January 2014

Lady likes her lace

I like my lace and so should you

As this weekends festivities draw near to an end why not show the world what you've got, and get back in black. This Sunday it's all about the lace; I'm talking sexy and sensual with a lil' bit of sweetness ...unless you're totally capable of the complete and utter sex goddess - in that case, throw sweetness out the door. But hey, for all those ladies out there that are trying to 'do the lace' and do it well, this post is dedicated to you. So it's been a long time running but I finally said I do to one of the most beautiful cami's of them all. See, my biggest problem was finding the balance between raunchy, respectful and just plain Jane wrong... verdict - takers, anyone....? I mean if all else fails, I've thoroughly enjoyed the perks of having no bra. Look out pants off Friday, from now on in, it's all about the #brasoffsunday?

With all my love

Wearing Zara lace cami, vintage high-waist pants, Mimco watch and ROC wedged sandals.


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