Sunday, 9 March 2014


Well it’s Monday morning, which could only potentially mean one thing – rant time. Okay so first thing’s firs t- why is it that Monday’s are ALWAYS such a challenge to get yourself up and running. Seriously but – I had already drank two coffees before 5AM …I know, I know - I need help or perhaps I just need more coffee? …Takers, anyone? So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting my part-time sociologist/full-time over analytical thinking cap on. I’ve come to understand the appealing-like nature that is – fashion. Looking from the outside in, the industry can appear ever so appealing with perks being thrown at you from almost every (good figure flattering) angle but as you start to physically immerse yourself (and your time) in an environment that is more fast-paced than the average thinker (legit) you learn quite quickly it’s practically like a game of survival of the fittest. Actually but. And that my friends is why you need a solid pair of a. amazing shoes that you would 100% feel totally content wearing to bed b. the best fricken’ styling kit ever and c. an unquestionable nature with a side of relentless ability to feel any kind of emotion. Take notes: thou shalt not take sh*t – ever. Be extremely careful with who you allow into your life, don’t let the nature of what you do become the nature of who you are and what people enjoy. Coming from lessons learnt, the further you immerse yourself into ‘fashion’ the more appealing it becomes for people to be attracted to your lifestyle rather than the individual and their own personal self. WE ARE STILL HUMAN, OKAY? I do live a normal life …sometimes.

Enjoy the edit and my new amazing goodies. These boots are actually worth crying over. But don’t - that’s just sad… and ridiculous… and absolutely bonkers. All of which I’m totally fine with. Hahahaa boom boom #OHMONDAYyougotme

Wearing Tony Bianco boots, Three of Something pants, MinkPink long-sleeve shirt, Nixon watch, Valley Eyewear sunglasses Paint It Red bomber and general pants co bag.



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  1. Wow, those pants are amazing!! Love all your looks that you piece together, always looks so flawless! Feel free to take a look at my blog lovely xx