Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pink is the new black

And whether I like it or not, I've just gotta' learn to deal with it. As I would usually tell someone.... just embrace it baby. Let's be honest: I have never ever been a fan of pink. Perhaps when I was in my pre-tweens but surely that doesn't count. It's funny how certain colours can lead to a certain perception of oneself or others; when I think of pink I straight away align it to flirty, fun, girly (eugh) and somewhat vulnerable - all of which I know, is extremely judgmental but it's just become second nature to draw two and two together and assume the typical sterotype of just that - pink.

But alas, look out world - pink is not only for those girls who love a good pink lippy and some fluffy ole' heels; pink has been drenched in shows right across fashion week worldwide. Which only means one thing ...time to try it out? WARNING: I am not a girly girl - if you see me in pink I have not conformed to any kind of social construct: simply trying a new trend, and ain't nobody got time for missin' out on those kind of ordeals.

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