Tuesday, 10 December 2013

M is for Monochrome PART 1

Monochrome – it’s one of those trends that is so inclusive that almost everyone should have at least or one or two looks happenin’ in their wardrobe. I mean come on, its black and white… I don’t know about you lot, but you’re crazy not to own at least one white blouse? Am I right or ...AM I RIGHT? It’s an all-encompassing trend that allows people from all ages, all styles, all everything to flaunt what they’ve got and rock the black and white staple pieces. 

If you know me well enough, you’ll know my cupboard is completely full of monochrome madness. Why? 1. It doesn’t go out of season, 2. Most pieces are so versatile that they can be styled from summer all the way through to winter and 3. Black and white intrigues me – sometimes I feel as though it’s a hidden expression of thoughts and feelings… people tend to brush off these two staple colours as ‘safe’ or ‘bland’ but in all honestly, they’re two of the most intriguing colours of them all. Just sayin'.

So here’s a spontaneous editorial shoot I did recently: dedicated to all the monochrome maniacs out there AKA. ME, MYSELF AND I. PART ONE - Two and three coming soon!

Lots of love on this b-e-a-utiful Wednesday night

B xx

Courtney wears Paint It Red crop, Vintage striped pants, Valley Eyewear sunglasses, Nixon watch and Shakuhachi warrior wedge boots.

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