Sunday, 22 December 2013

Something About White

Today I got asked why I'm always wearing white. My answer? Because I can - Not really, but that too. First thing's first: white is such a refreshing colour; I challenge the day someone speaks up and tries to suggest it's demonic. It's not - not at all - and never will be. Right, next logical point - IT MAKES ME FEEL HAPPY (ain't nobody walkin' on my sunshine with a woman dressed in white) ...I feel renewed; empowered - like a blank canvas waiting to be christened with fresh paint. It's versatile, modern, chic' - you name it. I guess too, a lot of the time I treat fashion like art - I express myself through the beautiful garments I wear and do life in. I challenge the layers, textures and even the sizes ...who said I couldn't fit into an XL - IT'S CALLED OVER-SIZED, BITCH. But really, in all seriousness - I love a good over-sized coat.. what's not to love? ...exactly.

So to all those lovers out there rockin' the white: keep going - ain't nobody walkin' on yo' sunshine baby. #TEAMWHITE

Catch ya'll on the flip side

B xx

Wearing Zara mermaid skirt, Valleygirl collared sleeveless shirt, Valleygirl zipper top, Topshop socks, Vintage brogues and Nixon watch.


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